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Jan 27 2023

NSPA participates in the 18th NATO Life Cycle Management Conference

BRUSSELS – On 24-25 January 2023, the 18th NATO Life Cycle Management (LCM) Conference and Exhibition took place in Brussels. Representatives from NATO Nations and industry gathered to discuss about Life Cycle Management in a Changing World.

The NATO Support and Procurement Agency (NSPA) participated with two keynote speaker briefings on the Agency's support to Life Cycle Management activities, and Demilitarisation, Dismantling and Disposal (D3) achievements and lessons learned from reutilisation and disposal projects.

Ms Natalie Brely, Principal Logistics Officer, emphasised how the Agency offers a proven platform for multi-national cooperation in capability development and sustainment. She highlighted NSPA's ability to provide cost-efficient solutions and economies of scale to its customers and the Agency's contribution to current and future NATO and NATO Nations common goals.

Ms Selma Vedor Fernandes, D3 Chief of Section, focused on the ongoing disposal projects that aimed at recovering critical parts to ensure long-term sustainment. She explained that, against the backdrop of Russia's invasion of Ukraine, these projects have evolved into multinational ones whose aim is to recover as many parts as possible. This focus would help respond to an increased demand for parts in face of depleting stocks.

To date, these projects have achieved a 96% rate of identified parts being recovered for reuse, with 94% of the total weight of the obsolete equipment creating value either as reusable parts or recovered materials that will be processed as secondary raw materials (e.g. ferrous and non-ferrous metals).

The briefer highlighted NSPA's contribution in reducing the military carbon footprint and enhancing the transition to Circular Economy, by promoting a project approach focused on the recovery and reuse potential of phased out military systems.

The two days conference enabled a forum to exchange lessons learned and Life Cycle Management best practices in a Changing World.

Story by NATO Support and Procurement Agency

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