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Nov 12 2021

NSPA addresses further support to Jordan during official visit

LUXEMBOURG -At the beginning of the month, the NSPA Trust Fund Office visited Jordan to discuss the country's Defence Capacity Building package, including the extension of two ongoing projects, Jordan Codification and Jordan IV Demilitarization, and the implementation of a new construction project for the female cadets of the Jordan Royal Military Academy. The visit was led by Mr. Marc di Paolo, Director of Defence Institution and Capacity Building at NATO.

For years, NSPA has been involved in various projects in Jordan under the Defence Capability Building Package, covering the areas of Demilitarisation, Codification, Cyber Defence, Construction and Women Peace and Security.

Under the NATO Jordan IV Demilitarisation Trust Fund project, NSPA has provided a modern demilitarisation centre and an initial propellant surveillance testing capability in Jordan, setting the conditions for a self-sustaining Jordanian ammunition demilitarisation capacity. In addition, the Agency is also involved in the Jordan Codification project, which supports the Jordan Armed Forces in the implementation of a fully compliant NATO Codification System capable of data exchange with other NATO Allied Committee 135 member nations. The ultimate goal is to enable Jordan to reach Tier 2 sponsorship in the near future.

During the visit, NSPA Trust Fund Office representatives, Ms Meray Ozdemir and Mr Duran Karakose had the opportunity to witness the progress made in both projects and discussed an extension of both initiatives with the local officers in charge of the projects.

They also visited the facilities of the Military Women's Training Centre in Jordan. Operational since November 2020, the centre supports Jordan's goal to attain 3% female representation in its armed forces and to offer women wider career opportunities. This is the third NATO Trust Fund project in Jordan for the development of servicewomen in the Armed Forces. NSPA provided, through contractor support, headquarter offices, male club and female accommodation blocks, classrooms, a lecture theatre, marching parade ground and outdoor skills-training bays, a women's medical clinic and a kindergarten. 

NSPA addresses further support to Jordan during official visit
Ms Ozdemir, NSPA Chief of Trust Fund Office, during the visit to the kindergarten built by NSPA

Following completion of this project, Ms Ozdemir and Mr Karakose, together with NSPA Civil Engineer, Mr Hasan Pacaci, the Jordan Army Engineering Team and NATO HQ officers, discussed the requirements for a new construction project to accommodate new recruits from the Jordan Royal Military Academy. The Jordan Armed Forces have developed a Military Women's Strategy that aims to capacity-build through the recruitment and training of more women in the armed forces and subsequently creating wider employment and participation opportunities. They expect to recruit 100 female cadets every year and this will require further accommodation. NSPA will continue supporting women in the Jordan Armed Forces with the build-up of over 3000 m² facilities, including accommodation units, offices, a dining hall, training stores, a gym, a clinic, a shop, classrooms and storage rooms.

NATO Trust Fund projects enable partner nations to increase stability, diminish threats to peace and build strengthened security relationships between NATO and non-member countries in the Euro-Atlantic area.  Individual NATO member states and partners set up Trust Funds to provide resources to support partner countries in the implementation of practical projects in the areas of demilitarization, defence transformation or capacity building. NSPA, often serves as the executive agent, playing an essential role in the development and implementation of many Trust Fund projects.

Story by NATO Support and Procurement Agency

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