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Feb 25 2021

NSPA presents its DemilitariZation, Dismantling and Disposal (D3) services during the CNAD permanent session

LUXEMBOURG – The Conference of National Armaments Directors (CNAD) permanent session meeting was held at NATO HQ in Brussels this week. On 25 February 2021, the NATO Support and Procurement Agency (NSPA), represented by Mr Robert Elvish, Air and Land Combat Systems Programme Manager, presented its Demilitarization, Dismantling and Disposal (D3) services to the 30 national representatives.

During the session, Mr Elvish briefed on how NSPA can support nations to handle their military assets at the end of their life cycle and highlighted the benefits that Allies can obtain when using the Agency's expertise. "NSPA is committed to make the best of a retirement situation. A priority is to keep D3 financially attractive, while ensuring compliance with various legal obligations. By far most countries have pledged to preserve our planet for the next generations. This responsibility for the future comes with obligations for doing D3 business today", he explained.

In 2013, NSPA established a dedicated Demilitarization, Dismantling and Disposal (D3) Support Partnership (SP) as the entry point for the tailored initiation, development and execution of D3 activities. NSPA provides consolidated disposal services for equipment from different domains (air, land, and sea), as well as for treatment and disposal of waste, hazardous chemicals and other dangerous substances, enabling nations to benefit from logistics advantages and economies of scale.

The CNAD is the senior NATO committee formed by the National Armament Directors of the 30 NATO Allies. The CNAD provides member, and in some cases partner countries, opportunities to cooperate on equipment and research projects, enabling multinational cooperation. The committee also facilitates exchange of information on national programmes to the benefit of individual countries and to NATO as a whole. NSPA is closely engaged with CNAD initiatives and projects and is represented by the Acquisition Planning and Development Office at the twice monthly permanent session meetings.

Story by NATO Support and Procurement Agency

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