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Mar 20 2020

Luxembourg increases its hospitals capabilities to fight COVID-19

Luxembourg has requested the support of the NATO Support and procurement Agency (NSPA) to augment its current capabilities and tackle the current COVID-19 crisis. The provision of non-medical support such as tented solutions will equip the Centre Hospitalier du Luxembourg (CHL) with 100 additional beds.

The NSPA has prepared, supported and coordinated the transport and construction of the facility and will assure its maintenance. Fifteen NSPA experts are teaming with the Luxembourg Army on the project.

"These additional facilities will enable us to considerably adapt the triage area for patients with an adjacent zone for laboratory tests and an X-ray area", said a CHL representative.

NSPA was able to answer to this urgent request mobilising the equipment in less than 24 hours, an operation that normally takes five days.

Luxembourg increases its hospitals capabilities to fight COVID-19
First tent under construction at CHL

The equipment started to be loaded in CargoLux aircrafts on Friday 20 March with the first containers arriving at Findel Airport on the same day.

In total, Cargolux will transport 54 containers through six flights between the 19th and the 21st of March. NSPA has provided equipment for a total capacity of 300 beds.

The team aims at completing the construction of the facilities in about one week.

During a visit to the site on 20 March 2020, the Prime Minister highlighted the readiness of NSPA in delivering the equipment under such a short notice and expressed his gratitude for the contribution of the Agency in tackling the crisis. Mr Bausch, Minister of Defence and Ms Lenert, Minister of Health were also present.

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