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Aug 24 2020

Italian Air Force delivers new infrastructure to NSPA Southern OperationAL Center

LUXEMBOURG - Since 2018, the 16th Italian Air Force Engineering Group has been working on the design and implementation of an infrastructure project, set as an urgent requirement to restore the Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) conditions at the NSPA Southern Operational Centre (SOC), in Taranto (Italy). 

This included the complete refurbishment of an external area of 30,000 m2. Specifically, a new rainfall water treatment system to comply with Italian environmental regulations; an upgrade of the existing water purification system of vehicles and containers washing facility; new covered parking spaces, as well as the enlargement and refurbishment of internal and external roads. 

A ribbon cutting ceremony took place on 7 August 2020, exactly 48 years after the agreement between former NAMSA and the Italian Government to establish Depot South (current SOC base). The Commander of the 3rd Italian Air Force Engineering Department, Col Russi, officially handed over the refurbished base to NSPA SOC Commander, Renato Lepore.

Various Italian authorities were present at the ceremony, including Col Rizzetto in representation of General De Rubeis, Chief of the ITA Air Force Infrastructure Service; Col Riganti, Air Forces Base Commander; LtCol. Gravina, 16th AF Engineering Group Command, and Major Schibani, Director of works.

Italian Air Force delivers new infrastructure to NSPA Southern Operation Center

During the ceremony, Commander Lepore emphasized the great cooperation with the Host Nation and the Italian Air Force Staff to improve the operational infrastructure to better address future challenges. "I am extremely impressed by the quality and dedication that the Italian Air Force workers have shown during the execution of the works", assured the SOC Commander. In a gesture of gratitude, a tribute and a plaque dedicated to the 16th Italian Air Force Engineering Group's workers was erected in the base to commemorate the achievement, using an old anchor found during the excavations, dating back to the period of the Royal Italian Air Force.

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