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Oct 24 2019

NSPA supports NATO troops in Latvia

Last year, the Latvian Ministry of Defence (MoD) tasked our NSPA Construction Branch to deliver two urgently required 450 man barrack blocks to support the rapidly increasing number of NATO troops in the country.

Within less than a year of official tasking, NSPA had the 100% of the design completed and approved, and construction and Quality Assurance contracts awarded.

The local contractor (A/S UPB) began the construction works immediately after receipt of permits in June and both barrack blocks are already up to the fourth floor of construction!

The race is on to complete the shell of the barracks before the harsh Baltic winter weather arrives, usually around November.

The building is a modular construction. The panels arrive by truck direct from the factories in Latvia and Lithuania on a 'just in time" basis, and are immediately lifted off the truck and fixed in place.

"Adequate provision and living conditions is of great importance for soldiers to perform their duties at the highest military standards. New barracks will significantly strengthen the defense infrastructure of Latvia and our host nation support to our allies, building the best operational environment for the Latvian Mechanized Infantry Brigade and our allies - Enhanced Forward Presence Battle Group. The implementation of this project is a proof that Latvia as a NATO member is not alone in building and strengthening defense and security,' said Lieutenant General Leonids Kalnins, Chief of Defence of Latvian National Armed Forces.

Mr Stuart Ruxton, Chief of NSPA Construction Branch showed his enthusiasm with the cooperation behind the project, "I am impressed with the teamwork, with are receiving a great support from procurement, finance and the logisticians, as well as the Host Nation stakeholders."

The project is funded jointly from NATO Security Investment Program (NSIP) and National funds, with estimated value of 19 million euros.

The team is currently on schedule to deliver both blocks by June 2020 at a cost of 15 million euros; 4 million euros under budget and four months ahead of schedule!

NSPA supports NATO troops in Latvia

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