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Nov 5 2019

New cooperation opportunities discussed in Norway and Sweden

In mid-October, NSPA General Manager, Peter Dohmen and the Director of Life Cycle Management, Rudolf Maus, visited Norway and Sweden.

These two countries, Norway as a NATO nation and Sweden as a NATO partner, already enjoy NSPA's support in a number of initiatives. While Norway is benefiting from the NSPA logistics support in their operations in Mali, Sweden recently joined the PATRIOT Support Partnership (SP) as an associate state. And those are just a couple of examples of the good cooperation between the two nations and NSPA.

In this occasion, the visit was intended to better understand the defence related areas of interest and priorities of both countries, to inform about the Agencies capability spectrum and to discuss future cooperation opportunities in relevant capability areas.
Beside talks in the respective Ministries of Defence, the main focus laid on in depth exchanges with the National Armament Directorates and the Logistic Organisations responsible for sustainment of capabilities.

"I am grateful we had such an excellent and productive visits and I welcome what I perceived as a desire from both nations to increase their cooperation with the Agency. I also appreciate the agreed further steps to discuss portfolios of prioritized capability areas, to identify and advise Norway and Sweden about potential future support opportunities", highlighted Mr Dohmen.

New cooperation opportunities discussed in Norway and Sweden

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