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Oct 6 2018

Emergency Response Exercise at Pápa

On Wednesday 03 October 2018, the Strategic Airlift capability (SAC) successfully conducted a combined large scale Emergency Response Exercise (ERE) at Papa Air Base (PAB), Hungary.

The exercise scenario simulated a crash landing of the Boeing C-17A aircraft with 10 aircrew plus 50 passengers due to an inflight emergency, followed by a post-crash fire (simulated by smoke generators and grenades).

Several organizations (*) were involved and closely co-operating to ensure the best reaction to such crisis.

In the aftermath of the exercise, lessons learned and feedback collected for the continual improvement of the SAC Emergency Response and Crisis Management procedures.

(*) The NAM Programme, the Heavy Airlift Wing (HAW), the Papa Air Base (PAB) and airfield services, the Boeing Contractual Logistics Support (CLS), the Hungarian MoD State Aviation Safety Investigation Department (SASID), The NSPA/NAM Programme Board Secretariat and the Papa Air Base and Papa/Veszprem cities fire fighter brigades, police, medics and hospital services.

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