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Work with us as a consultant

Consultants are recognized experts or specialists engaged to serve in an advisory or technical capacity and do not a hold position on the establishment. Consultants can hold different levels, depending on the function, seniority and post description.

Each consultant contract must have an associated Statement of Work/Scope of Work specifically outlining the work to be performed and/or services to be delivered.

Consultant contracts:

For consultant missions related to deployment (whether in Europe or elsewhere) a first 6 months contract will be established with an option to be extended and/or renewed in case of continued requirement in the service.

For those consultants deployed to Afghanistan, the duration is specified in the contract and may vary from a couple of days up to 90 days and exceptional circumstances up to 180 days. Consultancies may be "on-call" or full-time.

Consultant Fees:

  • Payment for consultant services is determined on a daily fee and payable only on weekdays worked.
  • Payment is only executed after the work has been performed and duly certified by the NSPA supervisor
  • The daily fee of a consultant is not exempt from taxation. This fee is all-inclusive (no additional allowances).

Pension Scheme & Medical/Life Insurance:

Consultants are not affiliated to a NATO Pension Scheme.

NSPA can only offer medical coverage during consultancy working hours. Outside working hours, is the consultant responsibility to subscribe to a social/medical insurance.

Exception: NSPA will grant a special medical/life insurance coverage for those consultant deployed in Afghanistan.

Important: consultants are required to be in possession of a NATO security clearance

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