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May 20 2020

What can I expect from the remote final interview?

Remote final interviews are conducted by a Panel via Webex. Typically the Panel is made of 4 members (2 hiring managers, a Human Resources representative, a neutral member and a staff association member). These 5 members assess your performance during the interview. 

The interview takes between 35 minutes (for B grade posts) to 50 minutes (for A grade posts).

During the remote final interview, NSPA frequently applies the Situation, Task, Action, Result (STAR) technique. This means that in order to expose your competencies you may be required to describe a situation you have faced, display the task needed to be performed, how you acted in that situation and what was the final result.

This technique will enable you to provide concrete and structured responses. Please note that personal documents / notes are allowed during the selection process.

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