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What we offer


  • NSPA provides acquisition and logistics support to Allies, partners and other international organisations. 
  • The Agency focuses mainly on support to NATO operations and exercises; lifecycle management of weapons systems; and services, including management and coordination of the Central Europe Pipeline System and life cycle management of three Boeing Globemaster III C-17 aircraft as part of the Strategic Airlift Capability. 
  • NSPA is a customer funded Agency, operating on a "no profit-no loss" basis. Over the last decade, the Agency has grown its operational turnover nearly fourfold. This rapid growth is largely driven by the Agency's unique strengths:

Cost-effective multinational solutions

NSPA allows its customers to concentrate on their core mission and eases their operational effort by providing scaled capabilities, applying three key principles:

  • Consolidation: Uniting customers' requirements almost automatically entails cost avoidance, enabling our customers to achieve economies of scales. 
  • Centralization: NSPA presents one face to its customers avoiding having to deal with hundreds of suppliers. NSPA is the "one-stop shop" where the customer will find all the necessary services to fulfil its mission. 
  • Competition: NSPA organises international competitive bidding to obtain the best service at the best price for the customer.

High performance & focus on customer satisfaction

Leveraging more than 60 years of experience in the defence sector in support of NATO, its nations and partners, NSPA has a proven track record of timely and cost-effective delivery of multinational solutions, achieving high levels of customer satisfaction.


NSPA established and maintains a Quality Management System compliant with NATO requirements (AQAP2110 Ed D and where applicable AQAP2310). The QMS is regularly reviewed and audited, and is ISO 9001:2015 certified. Our quality policy is founded on four principles:


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