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Real Life Support (RLS) and Airfield Services

NSPA provides all kind of real life support services, from catering services, food and water supply, base support, to engineering and airfield services across Afghanistan, Mali and Kosovo.

These services can be expanded as required to support the deployment of thousands of military and civilian personnel to operational theatres. Support can range from full complete support on main operating bases to singular services on forward operating bases.

  Food Services

We offer food services covering multi-national established Dining facilities for several thousand diners and single temporary feeding facilities used by less than 100 personnel. This includes catering services, food supply, bottled water provision and manpower.

  Base Services

We offer base services covering a wide area of support activities, with flexible contracts allowing quick turn-around for customers. This includes vehicle rental services, translation and interpretations services, laundry and washing facilities, welfare and recreation, gym services, transportation, billeting management and D3 or HAZMAT.

  Engineering Services

Our engineer services cover the base infrastructure operations and maintenance requirements to sustain base operability. Our support includes but is not limited to power generation and distribution, water treatment, waste and disposal, camp facilities maintenance, medical facilities maintenance, roads and aircraft surfaces and grounds maintenance and other minor works.

  Airfield and Force Protection Services

NSPA offers airfield support and force protection services.. This includes fire protection, flight line support, supply support activities, movements and vector control to intelligence and surveillance, reconnaissance systems, explosive detection capabilities, etc.

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