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Operational Logistics Support Partnership (OLSP) Office

OLSP is NSPAs multinational and multifunctional support partnership that offers fast track access to a wide range of contracted support to military operations, missions and exercises worldwide.

Established in 2009, OLSP is designed to leverage capabilities and expertise that NSPA provides in order to meet member nation's support requirements.

The NSPA OLSP office is organisationally integrated under the NSPA Support to Operations Directorate.

OLSP enhances national military capabilities through the following core Competencies:

  • Pre-agreed Legal Framework for fast track access NSPA Support and Services
  • Project Planning and Development
  • Education and Training
  • Facilitates innovates and develops multinational Solutions
  • One – Stop – Shop for its participant nations

OLSP Member nations have access to NSPAs provided Support and Services, such as:

  • Real Life Support Services
    • Facility and Base Services (i.e. Laundry, Cleaning, Billeting)
    • Food and Catering Services
    • Waste Management
    • Engineering / Utility Services
    • Medical Services, Supplies, Aeromedical Evacuation
  • Global Aircraft Handling and Fuel Services
  • Fuel Supply & Services
  • Deployable Camp Equipment
  • Construction (design and build)
  • Airport Services
  • Global Multimodal Transportation Services

The following standing commercial capabilities are established under the umbrella of the OLSP:

  • Global Food Services, consists of multiple NSPA-managed commercial outline agreements for food supply, human resources and full-scale catering operations with an rapid deployable standby option for VJTF type requirements. Each outline agreement can be accessed independently and is complemented by a standing personnel capability to increase NSPA's speed, flexibility and scalability when tasked to deliver food services worldwide and at pace.
  • Global Fuel Services provides a wide range of services such as bulk fuel sourcing, delivery, provision of semi-permanent storage facilities, ground fuel dispensing and delivery, vehicle refuelling points, aircraft refuelling and the provision of Oils, Lubricants and Gases. Services can be provided at short notice in Europe and Worldwide and rapid deployment standby capabilities are available to support NRF type requirements. Standing contracts and contractors are available to rapidly deliver services to NATO and Partner Nations for Operations and Exercises.
  • Strategic Aeromedical Evacuation services can be called off for aeromedical evacuation worldwide, where nations have operational and day-to-day commitment. The service is designed to augment existing military capabilities and provide additional options.
  • Global Medical Assistance provides customer nations with current medical information on specific regions for medical planning, assistance services (medical consultation, monitoring etc) as well as information on medical care of host nation in a region. The GMA provides the customer nations a pre-deployment medical picture and a single access point for medical inquiry/services request available 24/7 at the contractor call center during deployment.

Further standing capabilities under Development:

  • Multinational Rail Transportation Services
  • Deployable Camp Capabilities
  • Host Nation Support Augmentation Initiative

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