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NSPA Planning and Liaison Team (NPLT)

Our NSPA Planning and Liaison Team (NPLT) is an Allied Command Operations (ACO) funded NSPA cross-functional team, which mission is to plan and coordinate integrated contractor support within defined scope/projects. Its goal is to achieve continuity, unity of effort and to maximise effectiveness in the planning and delivery of enablement and sustainment to operations and training.

The inception of this team stems from lessons identified in expeditionary operations prior to 2010, particularly in Afghanistan, and considerations on ways to deliver support more collectively. The NSPA Planning and Liaison Team is made of a mix of commercial officers and specialist planners with logistics, medical, engineering, and procurement expertise, who provide integrated contract planning, implementation and management in the delivery of sustainment support solutions to the NATO Command Structure, NATO Force Structure and Nations.

NSPA Planning and Liaison Team services, performed by NSPA, are organised into different areas, such as Support to Allied Operations, Capability Delivery, Advance Planning and support to training and exercises.

NPLT also plays an essential role in capability delivery, managing the execution of pre-planned time-mission-critical logistics, infrastructure/engineering and medical contracts under SHAPE authorization. The mechanism has been put in place to enable the rapid activation of contracts ensuring that support can be provided within a very short time. This include Basic Contractual Instruments (BCI) and Rapidly Usable Enabling Contracts (RUEC) such as the following:

NSPA Planning and Liaison Team is distributed across SHAPE in Mons (Belgium), Capellen (Luxembourg), Joint Force Command Naples (Italy) Joint Force Command Brunssum (The Netherlands) and the Allied Land Command in Izmir (Türkiye).

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