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Naval Logistics Support Partnership (NLSP)

The Naval Logistics Support Partnership (NLSP) was established in 2010 and is comprised of 20 member NATO and Partnership for Peace navies.

Its primary mission is to meet the needs of the NLSP participating nations in terms of military effectiveness by providing contracted solutions for their navies. This includes providing naval operational support for fuel and husbandry services in thousands of ports in 28 areas of operation, 95 countries or territories worldwide and provision of naval technical support such as critical spare parts and project management to meet national requirements.

NSPA's assured access contracts allow any NLSP participating nation to tap into a global network of support services, any time, anywhere. Whether grey-hulled, coast guard, auxiliary or chartered, ships ranging in class from sail training vessels to aircraft carriers can rely on NSPA to provide full spectrum services such as tugboats, pilotage, fenders, rental cars, emergency maintenance and repair of naval equipment and systems. NSPA also provides a wide variety of fuels in any quantity for shipboard use or to top up national stocks.

NSPA relies on its extensive network of suppliers and original equipment manufacturers to bridge the gap between requirement and delivery of operational effectiveness. Recent supply examples include general spares, damage control equipment, SOLAS approved items, electronic components, diving equipment, fitted firefighting equipment and critical spares. Examples of naval projects managed by NSPA include support to electronic warfare exercises, ship refits, and a variety of rigid hulled inflatable boats.

Under the NLSP, NSPA can also establish dedicated project groups to manage specific systems and currently manages a Torpedo Project Group on behalf of three participating nations.

NSPA contracts are established with world-class industry partners through international competitive bids to ensure cost-effectiveness. NLSP makes extensive use of NSPA's Source File to identify potential sources of supply. This file contains about 10,000 active and reliable procurement sources in NSPO countries.

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