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Environmental Protection and Energy Efficient Services

NSPA is committed to enforce environmental obligations through its stakeholders to ensure sustainability and energy efficiency on behalf of the NATO Nations.

Since 2011, we are certified ISO 14001:2015 under a broad-scope of environmental criteria.

NSPA actively contributes to the sustainable development goals adopted by a large number of Nations.

Our mission includes constant monitoring of global developments and trends in the field of environmental protection to develop strategies to control and minimize the environmental impact of all our activities.

Over the years, NSPA has launched and implemented a number of collaborative projects with NATO nations, NATO partners and international organisations, addressing both environmental responsible and emergency energy concept.

Our areas of expertise:

Defence Sustainable Energy Models

  • Innovative and renewable energy supply technologies for land installations
  • Energy monitoring and camp simulation tools for energy efficiency
  • Procurement of smart equipment and systems


  • Water Quality Monitoring
  • Wastewater Management
  • Underwater Retrieval Operations


  • Desk study and risk assessment
  • Contaminated site remediation after military site/equipment relocation
  • Emergeny remediation of site polluted by accident


  • Stockpile of obsolete hazardous chemicals
  • Management of chemical, biological and radioactive substances
  • End of life cycle management for military assets

Additional Services

  • Certified environmental management services
  • Advice on ISO 14001 certification for military facilities
  • Life Cycle Environmental Assessment

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