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Construction Engineering & Deployable Infrastructure Acquisition

NSPA provides infrastructure support to NATO missions and national requirements. Currently, we provide logistics support to a wide number of countries, including Afghanistan, Albania, Belgium, Italy, Kosovo, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland and Spain. We offer customized solutions in the different phases of the project, ranging from design, to procurement, building and/or maintenance.


  • Force protection/Base Perimeter/Buildings
    Blast assessment studies/design
    Construction of blast resistant perimeter structures and guard towers
    Construct new ECP's
  • Hardened Buildings
    Blast resistant permanent structures
    IAW defined threat level
  • Airfield infrastructure 
  • Medical facilities
  • Camp facilities & utilities
    Sewage treatment plants
    Sewer networks
    Water extraction and treatment plants
    Water storage and distribution grids
    Solid waste incineration plant
    Fuel storage and dispensing facilities
    Power stations and distribution grids

Our services include: 

  • Procurement and management of A&E services to develop the design and cost estimates in accordance with national building regulations 
  • Procurement and management of construction services in accordance with national construction laws 
  • Requirements change management during the construction phase

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