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Ammunition & Demilitarization

Ammunition Procurement

Ammunition procurement is one of the areas where substantial savings can be achieved by consolidating users' requirements. Any conventional ammunition may be procured, for land, air and navy use.

NSPA has in-house expertise for ammunition, including in Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) and Improvised Explosive Device Disposal (IEDD) purposes, Special Forces, less lethal ammunition, etc.

NSPA manages the transportation of ammunition directly from the producer to customers.

NSPA has developed the electronic NATO Ammunition Data Base (eNADB). This secure online access web-based product contains technical and logistics details on ammunition used by NATO and non-NATO nations. This is a valuable information source tool in support of ammunition operations.

Ammunition Demilitarization

NSPA contracts on behalf of its customers for the disposal of surplus ammunition, monitoring these contracts until completion. Particular care is exercised when selecting the contractor to ensure that disposal is conducted in a sustainable way.

In some instances, materials recovered in the demilitarization process have a commercial value that can considerably offset the cost of the operation, to the benefit of NSPA customers.

NSPA demilitarization projects cover all types of conventional ammunition.
Capabilities also exist in support of a variety of special material, such as:

  • Cluster ammunition
  • White phosphorus ammunition
  • Depleted uranium ammunition

NSPA does not stock weapon systems or ammunition.

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Electronic NATO Ammunition Database (eNADB)

Due to codification data format changes which are no longer supported by the application, e-NADB will be decommissioned from 1 January 2022.

The Electronic NATO Ammunition Database is a powerful ammunition-dedicated search tool, covering more than 435,000 items held in the NATO inventories.

Technical and logistics information on ammunition used by NATO and non-NATO nations are consolidated in a secure web-based database, hosted and maintained by NSPA.


  • Interchangeability data (NATO Ammunition Reporting Code (NARC) description, Ammunition Type, etc.)
  • Technical data (UN Serial Numbers, Hazard Classification Codes, Muzzle Velocity, etc.)
  • Logistics data (Net Explosive Content, Package Quantity, Shipping Name, etc.)
  • Ammunition publications library
  • Links between NSNs and publications
  • Database reports can be printed and exported to other software applications
  • Multi-field search, with Boolean operators, on NATO Stock Number

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