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Support to Operations

Over the years, NSPA has developed considerable expertise in the provision of support services in different operational theatres, contributing to the readiness of the Alliance's forces and the strengthening of NATO's defence and deterrence posture. The Agency currently provides an extensive support to NATO operations in Kosovo and Afghanistan and other NATO exercises across the world.

NSPA own a wide spectrum of proven operational support capabilities, including in the area of urgent response to crisis, where the Agency has become a recognised option for international organisations and governments. The Agency's support includes operational logistic planning (due its designation as the Contractor Integrator for NATO operations support), base support services, real life support services, infrastructure, airfield support, and any other logistics services that Allies may require.

The Agency also manages contracts with global coverage for fuel, oil supplies and port services for naval shipping. Through its Southern Operational Centre (SOC), located in Taranto, Italy, NSPA procures, manages, operates, and maintains deployable camp infrastructure and associated contracted services for NATO and its nations.

The Agency has been closely engaged in planning and supporting NATO Deterrence and Defence activities as well as Projecting Stabilities initiatives. NSPA is responsible for the implementation of NATO Trust Fund projects, supporting security and defence-related projects and building capabilities in NATO partner countries.

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