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NATO Support and Procurement Agency (NSPA)


The NATO Support and Procurement Agency (NSPA) brings together, in a single organization, acquisition, logistic, medical and infrastructural capabilities, operational and systems support and services to the NATO nations, NATO Military Authorities and partner nations. As NATO's primary enabler, the Agency's mission is to provide effective and cost efficient multinational solutions to the Alliance, its 30 Nations and Partners.

Since its establishment in 1958, NSPA acquires, operates, and maintains everything through an unbiased link between industry and the nations: from weapon systems to fuel delivery, port services, airfield logistics, medical and catering services or base support services for troops stationed across the world. The Agency enables the consolidation and centralisation of logistics management functions, providing a "cradle to grave" support and allowing its customers to achieve economies of scale.

Over 60,000 companies are registered in the NSPA source file, of which 10,000 are actively doing business with NSPA's customers.

NSPA is a customer-funded agency, operating on a "no profit - no loss" basis. The business activity has grown nearly fourfold in the last decade, reaching an annual business volume of €4 billion.

NSPA is headquartered in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, with main operational centres in France, Hungary and Italy. The Agency employs around 1,550 staff and overseeing over 2,500 contractors in NATO's missions across the world.


As NATO's primary enabler,
our mission is to provide effective
and cost efficient multinational solutions
to the Alliance, its 30 Nations and Partners

We can do it individually and collectively, in time of peace, crisis and war, in order to maximize the ability and flexibility of the Nations' armed forces, contingents and other relevant organisations, within the guidance provided by the North Atlantic Council, to execute their core missions.


To be an attractive and responsive customer funded Agency providing support to operations and exercises, life cycle management including acquisition, the effective delivery of support and procurement, all at the appropriate speed of relevance thus delivering NATO's requirements and placing nations' needs at the heart of business .


As one of the three NATO Agencies, the NSPA operates under the under North Atlantic Council-approved charters.

The Agency is the executive body of the NATO Support and Procurement Organisation (NSPO), of which all 30 NATO nations are members. Those nations are represented in the NSPO Agency Supervisory Board (ASB), which directs and controls the activities of the NSPA.

The Agency's organizational structure is composed of four main business units:

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