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Multiplatform observation systems

A dedicated area of NSPA's life cycle management is the support to Night Vision and Optoelectronics (NVO) equipment. The support is provided under the legal framework of the NSPA NVO Support Partnership, established in 2015.

The expression "NVO" embraces a huge variety of products: stand-alone, integrated or networked thermal imaging, image intensifying, UV, optical and laser systems used for observation, surveillance, target acquisition, aim, location or target designation including their aiming platform or control system, as well as related accessories and support equipment. For all these systems, NSPA provides the following logistics services:

  • Acquisition of end items, spare parts and related accessories
  • In-Service Support at NSPA or via contractors
  • Project Management and Technical / Engineering support
  • Working Groups
  • Training and documentation
  • Transportation.

Logistics support provided by NSPA staff relies on knowledge and experience of our subject matter experts on continuous training. Permanent exchange and cooperation with national experts through recurring dedicated technical and logistic working groups between NSPA and the member nations, further contributes to building- and sustaining this knowledge.

With its thorough technical and logistics expertise, NSPA can assist Nations to determine their technical requirements and manages the entire acquisition process. Acquisition projects can range from a major requirement based competition for a certain NVO capability to procuring authorized and certified spare parts.

NSPA possesses a dedicated and qualified optic and electronic workshop for particular NVO equipment. This unique capability allows consolidating maintenance support. User nations of a certain type of equipment can jointly invest in NSPA's capability instead of individually spending on a full national test and maintenance capability.

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