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GPS Satellite Navigation System

A dedicated area of NSPA's life cycle management is the support to Global Positioning System (GPS) User Equipment (UE). The support is provided under the legal framework of the NSPA GPS Support Partnership established in 2010.

NSPA is the only authorized military GPS demilitarization facility outside USA. This unique capability considerably reduces the logistics effort in support of GPS systems for the user nations.

The scope covers a variety of products: embedded GPS receivers and circuit card assemblies, host application equipment for GPS cards, hand-held GPS receivers, embedded GPS inertial navigation systems as well as related accessories and support equipment.

For all these products, NSPA provides the following logistics services:

  • Acquisition of end items, spare parts and related accessories
  • In-Service Support directly through NSPA or via contractors
  • Project Management and Technical / Engineering support
  • Working Groups
  • Training and documentation
  • Transportation
  • Demilitarization.

The basis for the provision of logistics support for GPS by NSPA is the cooperation with the GPS Wing of the United States Air Force. In addition, permanent exchange and cooperation with the national experts through recurring dedicated technical and logistic working groups further enhances and sustain the knowledge and capabilities of NSPA staff in support of GPS equipment.

NSPA possesses a dedicated and qualified electronic workshop for particular GPS equipment. Services include repair and demilitarization of military GPS receivers.

The use of the NSPA workshop also enables the consolidation of maintenance support. User nations of a certain type of equipment can jointly invest in NSPA's capability instead of individually spending for a full national test and maintenance capability.

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