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NATO Codification Services

Codification identifies sources of supply for parts. This includes supplier contact information and/or finding substitutes for obsolete parts by locating alternate sources of supply. Codification is a unique system of classification created and managed by the Allied Committee 135 (AC/135).

It allocates unique 13-digit NATO Stock Numbers to items of supply to:

  • Establish a common supply language for all logistic operations
  • Enable interoperability of materiel and listing sources of supply
  • Prevent duplication in inventories
  • Finding substitutes for obsolete parts
  • Allows locating alternate sources of supply.

The result is compiled in the NATO Master Catalogue of Reference for Logistics (NMCRL).

The NMCRL provides private companies and governmental entities access to unique NATO and NATO allies defence sourcing data, so that they can save time and money and expand their business opportunities thanks to:

  • 35 million NSN and 3 million suppliers to compare and choose from
  • Some 60 user countries, potential partners and/or customers
  • Accurate data updated daily (NMCRL Web)
  • Multilingual interface (15 languages).

Created and used by NATO and its Allied Nations, the NMCRL is the only legitimate NATO codification catalog.

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