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Air and Missile Defence

NSPA provides logistic support for a broad variety of weapon systems and other equipment.

Ground Based Defence (GBD)

NSPA supports various Ground Based Defence (GBD) systems, covering the full spectrum from long-range systems with Tactical Ballistic Missile Defence (TBMD) capabilities such as PATRIOT, through medium-range and short-range systems e.g. HAWK and Network Centric Short to Medium Range Ground Based Air Defence System (NASAMS) and to very short-ranged systems such as STINGER, MISTRAL and anti-aircraft artillery. The support is provided throughout the system life cycle of the weapon, from the concept and acquisition phase, all the way through in-service support until decommissioning.

NSPA provides this support to participating nations through its GBAD Support Partnership


NSPA provides supply, technical, procurement, transportation and maintenance support. For missile maintenance services NSPA owns and operates two PATRIOT Missile facilities located in Germany and the Netherlands. All depot-level test equipment is commonly owned by the eight PATRIOT Support Partnership nations.


NSPA provides Supply, Depot-Level Maintenance (including missiles), technical services (Technical support, Configuration management, Technical assistance for procurement, Supervision of production, Management of HAWK commonly owned resources). The support is provided to the 4 nations through the HAWK Support Partnership


NSPA supports the missile and associated support, test, launch and training equipment. The STINGER Support Partnership currently includes ten member nations with thousands of missiles, training and auxiliary systems; in addition, it operates and maintains dedicated missile surveillance equipment.


NSPA supports all NASAMS systems deployed in Europe including ground equipment and the AN/MPQ-64 Sentinel radar: Acquisition, Supply, Depot-Level Maintenance, technical services (System Performance Check, Technical assistance, Training).

MISTRAL and anti-aircraft artillery

NSPA supports the Mistral systems (both land-based and afloat) and in addition various anti-aircraft artillery systems (e.g. Rheinmetall 35mm guns, Skyguard fire control radars etc.). Support covers supply, Depot Level Maintenance and technical assistance.

Although NSPA supports the systems and the associated missiles, NSPA does not stock weapon systems or ammunition in any of its sites.


NSPA provides full life cycle management support for NATO Air Defence (Ground) Radars and for a large number of national radars through dedicated Support Partnerships, namely: AN/FPS-117 Radar Support ParternshipRAT 31 Radar Support Parternship and, RADAR Support Parternship.

These are some of the main radars that are supported:

  • AN/FPS-117 & AN/TPS-77,
  • HR-3000,
  • HADR (Hughes Air Defence Radar) & SINDRE I (silo version)
  • S-743D & S-723D,
  • Medium Power RADAR (MPR),
  • RAT-31DL, & RAT-31SL & RAT-31SL/N (SINDRE II, silo version)
  • GM-400,
  • TRS 22XX,
  • LANZA 3-D family.

C2 (Command & Control)

In this domain, NSPA provides comprehensive hardware support and life cycle management for Air Command and Control System (ACCS) static and deployable NATO site configurations. This includes crew support packages, as well as associated Communications and Tactical Data Link assets such as Multifunctional Information Distribution System Low Volume Terminals (MIDS LVTs) together with Link 16 Equipment Suites and ACCS Software Based Element (ASBE) Voice Communication Equipment (VCE).

Defined hardware supply chain support services to ACCS entities, within the NATO Command Structure and NATO Force Structure, through Support Partnerships which includes equipment Engineering and Technical support, Supply support, Maintenance of Materiel, Transportation, Procurement and Quality Assurance.

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