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NSPA General Manager

Peter Dohmen

Following a successful career in the Dutch Armed Forces, Major General Dohmen was appointed as NSPA's General Manager in 2016. In this position, he is responsible for the management of this multinational Agency and the delivery of a wide range of services to NATO, NATO nations and NATO's partners. The Agency employs 1,500 staff and has an annual business volume of around four billion euros. As the General Manager, he reports to the Agency Supervisory Board in which all NATO nations are represented.

During his four-decade career in the Armed Forces, he obtained comprehensive and thorough experience in leading large organisations in military logistics. Over the years, he has developed a deep knowledge and understanding of Acquisition, Life Cycle and Supply Chain Management. This includes the leadership of a broad portfolio of complex and politically sensitive armament programmes and projects.

Fundamental to his career have been the numerous positions he has successfully held in the field of operational logistics, ranging from command of a Maintenance Battalion to a senior staff function in the 1st German-Netherlands Corps (ACOS CG4). In this latter position, he deployed to Afghanistan where he was the staff officer ultimately responsible for all the logistics of the multinational ISAF-mission.

Later in his career, he held a number of flag officer positions. As a Brigadier-General, he was responsible for all joint major armaments projects in the Netherlands. His responsibilities subsequently increased to include the full scope of Acquisitions and Life Cycle Management for the Dutch Armed Forces, including the directorship of all of the Dutch Forces' depot-level maintenance workshops and supply agencies. In this position, he commanded more than 5,000 staff.

Major General Dohmen retired from the military in 2016 as the Deputy Director of the Defence Materiel Organisation and as Deputy National Armaments Director. His military education began in 1977 at the Royal Military Academy in the Netherlands. In 2004, he joined the Royal College of Defence Studies (UK), and has Master's degrees in Industrial Engineering (University of Eindhoven) and International Studies (Kings College London).

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