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CEPS Network

The Central Europe Pipeline System (CEPS) is the largest pipeline system in NATO. It is a multi-product petroleum pipeline that extends through five NATO nations: Belgium, France, Germany, Luxemburg and The Netherlands. The CEPS Programme, that manages its operation, is composed of six member nations, the ones referred above (designated Host Nations) plus the United States of America (designated User Nation).

It consists of a 5 279 Km pipeline network connecting 36 depots with a net storage capacity of about 1 000 000 m3, three (3) rail loading stations, and 16 truck loading stations; it is also connected to 11 refineries and six (6) sea entry points (Northern sea, Atlantic ocean and Mediterranean sea).

The CEPS is directly connected to 20 military airbases and six (6) important civilian airports – Zaventem and Liège in Belgium, Köln/Bonn and Frankfurt in Germany, Findel in Luxembourg, and Schiphol in The Netherlands.

Although a multi-product system, the main product handled by the CEPS is Jet fuel (JET A-1), which is stored and distributed under the concept of a banking system. On the contrary, other products such as diesel, fuel oil, naphtha, etc., are transported on a point-to-point basis from an entry to a delivery location. Only jet A-1 is stored in the CEPS.

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